Posted by: digitalpelican | April 24, 2009

Learning the Light, Again

One light, umbrella, fill card

One light, umbrella, fill card

Current approaches to field lighting, as seen in several video podcasts, seem to apply the “fry them” school of scene lighting.  Apparently the prime concern is pouring enough light on the subject to guard against under exposure and resulting noise in the video.

To me, that approach to protecting the quality of the recording never seemed to work that well.  Whether you’re working with professional talent or just plane folks, making the subject hot and asking them to look into glaring lights doesn’t sound like a good idea.  Making someone miserable, I find, doesn’t produce their best performance.

This setup – one Omni light, umbrella, and a white card bouncing fill light into the shadows.  Simple, quick, effective, at least to my eyes.

Is this ideal? No, professional lighting typically involves more fixtures to create a well illuminated, three dimensional look that separates the subject from the background.  At the same time, this is a very serviceable approach to a quick setup.Throwing light



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