Posted by: digitalpelican | May 10, 2009

Another Studio Shoot

Director blocking out action with talent

Director blocking out action with talent

Another day, another studio shoot at the local access community TV station.  A different group with different strengths and challenges.  I had little to do during the setup phase of today’s shoot except as physical labor.  Once the props were in place, I could sit and watch the chaos around me.

The volunteer experience is still new to me and I’m finding it’s taking a lot for me to just go with it.  Confusion has been the major experience in the four studio shoots I’ve participated in so far.  It is the repeating theme, no matter who is in charge.  Watching the “experienced” volunteer setup lighting today was a puzzling experience.  Although ultimately most of the lights on the overhead pipe grid were aimed somewhat differently than they had been when we walked into the studio, the criteria for successful lighting of  talent and set was to turn on every light mounted to the grid.  Result: lots of diffused light bouncing around the studio.  Upon questioning, the lighting director admitted he has stock in the local power utility company.

Once we were finally rolling tape, my function was to operate camera two.  This consisted of tromboning in and out from a two-shot of the speaker and his guest musician, to a head and shoulders shot of the musician listening to the speaker.  Not the most demanding task, but I accomplished my duties with pride.

As I was thinking about the last two studio shoots I participated in, I’ve decided I was lucky years ago when I was working in video production.  Most of my experience was with location shoots, often outdoors, sometimes in a boat, sometimes in a helicopter.  I complained at the time about having to lug heavy equipment around and there was nobody to help me.  The crew for those shoots consisted of just me.  I had to figure out how to make it work and I got the grief if others didn’t think it worked.  But I only had to worry about what I was going to do.  Ah, the good old days.



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