Posted by: digitalpelican | May 11, 2009

Program Management – Two Approaches

In planning for the new emergency preparedness project I mentioned in the last post; I’ve come up with two production paths. The intension is to meet the needs of the participants of the group. First goal for everyone was to gain confidence in their production skills by participating in shoots. They didn’t want to be given an assignment, handed a camera, and turned loose. They were asking for someone to give them some guidance during the shoot. The second goal was to learn about developing a project from the ground up from research to production to editing to distribution.

I’m suggesting two production approaches, a short form and a longer form. The short form is an implementation of the original ideal for the project, one-minute pieces on how to prepare for a disaster. This can be as simple as a paragraph of text for narration and a shot list. The piece that would go out on the access cable will be about one minute long. Depending on the topic, there could be a somewhat longer version for streaming or downloading on the web. The longer form is intended to be about 15 minutes long (more or less). Programs in this group will require more time in development, performing research, interviewing experts, structuring the show’s content, finding locations, writing narration, locating props, finding people willing to be on screen. I’ll use these projects to go through the pre-production, production, and post-production world of video.

That’s the plan. I should know if it will work in about two weeks.



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