About Digital Pelican

digitalpelician_2001 For about 10 years, I worked in a small niche of video production, the emergency services. Before that, I was a still photographer for a police department and a medical photographer at a teaching hospital. One way or another I’ve been involved with photography or video since the late 1960’s.

My work in analog video spanned the period from just after the introduction of Sony’s 3/4″ U-Matic© to just before consumer digital camcorders hit the market.  While I was working in video production, I returned to graduate school and my interests shifted in new directions.  Eventually a new opportunity came along and I went with it.  For the last thirteen years, I’ve been employed in non-media environments.

Now, after having been somewhere else while the digital video revolution was taking place, I’m interested in learning about the technology, the current production/editing techniques, and exploring the rapidly expanding universe of content distribution models.

I anticipate this blog will be highly idiosyncratic, often cynical, demonstrate misanthropic tendencies, and express personal opinions and judgments.  Apologies in advance to those I offend, as well to those I fail to excite.  If you wish to dispute my opinions, observations, recommendations, or judgments, peachy, let’s talk.



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